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About Us

We strive to make Leeton Preschool a safe, warm, caring environment, incorporating learning opportunities with sensitive, listening staff and a sense of fun. We aim to promote an environment that supports the social and emotional wellbeing of each child.
We build skills for life.

Leeton Preschool Philosophy


Leeton Preschool is a service with a core value of respect for all. Children, families, staff, the environment, and our land- which we are lucky to play and learn on each and every day.

We provide a high-quality play-based learning environment each and every day at Leeton Preschool. Our dedicated team of teaching staff pride themselves on observing children learning through play and then scaffolding their learning through programmed and implemented teaching practices and opportunities. The service also prides itself on its sustainable practices with the reuse and repurposing of resources as a regular practice.

Our staffing arrangements allow us to create a supportive and safe learning environment for children and families whilst running a service with higher than required staff to child ratios at all times.  Our service is cleaned to a high standard and our policies maintain our high level of health and hygiene.

Our large, highly resourced natural learning environment is inviting and exciting for children and their families alike as it gives them space to run and explore. At the same time, we create a warm and calming environment where everyone belongs. This flexibility of our environment demonstrates how adaptive we are to meeting the needs of children and families on any given day at any given time.

Our team strives to be the best professionals we can be for the children and families of our community. We pride ourselves on being highly qualified, highly skilled, and highly respected within our community. We are continually improving our knowledge and practices through professional development and conversations for ourselves as professionals but also the children and families within our service and the wider community.

Leeton Preschool are strong advocates for children and their rights and needs. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with children from their first day with us. Our key educator approach supports the children’s sense of belonging and our high number of staff to children ratio allows for staff to spend quality time interacting with children.  

We build strong relationships with families through our implementation of the key educator approach. We are highly regarded amongst the community, and we are active citizens amongst our wider community. We hold respect for and are respected by our local aboriginal land council for the work we do within our service but also for our open and inclusive service for our first nations community members.  We all belong at Leeton Preschool.

Leeton Preschool is a not-for-profit community based service that has a volunteer committee management structure. Policy and procedures allow for a high quality approach to meeting the service purpose and value within the community. The collaborative approach of the service team, the supportive team culture and the growth mindset of the business allows for professional development to be at the forefront of our service decisions therefore always providing high quality, current practices to the children, families and community.

Updated May 2023

Due for review May 2024


Enrolments are open from the start of September each year. Please phone the office on 02 6953 2396 or call into the office to inquire about enrolment.

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